ARizona  Auctioneers

For over 50 years The Arizona Auctioneers have provided a time-tested, skilled appraisal and liquidation service...the VITAL LINK between buyer and seller.

  1. BulletFor business owners who wish to dispose of complete inventory and equipment

  2. BulletFor business owners who wish to sell only partial inventories or surplus machinery

  3. BulletFor banks and finance companies who wish to convert frozen assets into cash for clients

  4. BulletSolve liquidation problems for trustees, assignees and attorneys

The Arizona Auctioneers provide three plans to convert non-productive assets into active dollars:

  1. BulletOutright purchase of all or part of your stock and equipment for CASH

  2. BulletCommission sale at auction of all or part of the merchandise you wish to dispose of

  3. BulletGuarantee of net return with share of proceeds realized above that figure

It is not enough to merely liquidate frozen turn non productive equipment and inventory into cash.  It must be done with thoroughness, energy, ingenuity and “know how” to insure the highest possible percentage of net dollar yield from the original investment.
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